About Us

Why Washington Home Center

Washington Home Center is a proud retailer of Kit West Homebuilders (“Kit”). At Washington Home Center, we pride ourselves on providing award-winning customer service and outstanding warranty protection for every one of our manufactured and modular homes. There are many happy families that invest in a manufactured or modular home from Washington Home Center because of our reputation for building quality custom factory homes and providing affordable prices. As a full-service retailer, we’re happy to help you with every phase of the construction process, from site construction and land acquisition to financing – Washington Home Center is with you every step of the way. We are located in Shelton Washington and we service all of the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

We also offer complimentary manufactured home tours every day and invite you to stop by to tour one of our beautiful homes. If you or your family is in the market for a quality manufactured or modular home, look no further than Washington Home Center!


Meet the Team

Kain Kirkendoll


Kain was Sales Manager of WHC in 1997 until 2007 when he then bought WHC. At the helm, Kain weathered the worst housing recession of 2008 when after nearly 80 other sales centers went under, Kain held on and survived along with the remaining 23 other dealerships left standing today. We, his sales team and customers depend on his keen business abilities to steer us all towards another great future.

Josh Kaiser

Home Consultant

Company Values

Our Courtyard

We have 5 heated and well-lighted houses at our courtyard to view, featuring both KIT Homebuilders West (3) and Palm Harbor Homes (2) Our motto here is “Informed by an expert, not pushed by a salesman,” so you don’t have any worries of being disrespected or abruptly “sold” something you don’t want or need. I won’t allow it. We are listeners and a solution oriented company.

Home Financing

Washington Home Center is not a lender, our main focus is building your shelter. However, in addition to all other lenders we highly recommend for you to avail yourself of for a good loan, we also know of lenders that can assist you in getting the best possible interest rate in the history of interest rates given.

Customer Service

This is where we shine above our competition. Service after the sale is done, after the money is in the bank and we are working on our newest customers, we don’t forget you. We stay in touch fulfilling our every written obligation to you. We have an A+ with the BBB too.

What They Say About Us

We, John and Penny, would like to express our gratitude to Washington Home Center for their diligence and building our new manufactured home and for thoroughly overseeing our land/home project to a successful completion.