Our Team

Kain Kirkendall, Darrell Barker and Madhu Lodhia are the proud providers of Kit Manufactured Homes and Palm Harbor Homes. The team at Washington Home Center (WHC) welcomes the opportunity to help you and your family obtain an affordable slice of the American dream. The highest quality of construction, flexibility of customization, and wide range of choices with regard to a totally customized floor plan and size options are just a few of the benefits of purchasing a new appreciating manufactured home.

Kain Kirkendoll

(360) 280-0076
Kain was Sales Manager of WHC in 1997 until 2007 when he then bought WHC. At the helm, Kain weathered the worst housing recession of 2008 when after nearly 80 other sales centers went under, Kain held on and survived along with the remaining 23 other dealerships left standing today. We, his sales team and customers depend on his keen business abilities to steer us all towards another great future.

Darrell Barker

Sales Manager
(360) 463-7934
Darrell began his career with Manufactured Housing in 1990 in Arizona working for Oakwood Homes for 3 years perfecting his understanding and skills to where he obtained Salesman Of The Year Award and was sent to San Antonio for dinner and golf with the CEO of Oakwood Homes. Darrell and his wife subsequently bought and operated a restaurant for nearly 4 years, he then owned an Airport Shuttle business called Thumbs Up Shuttle, all while buying and repairing and selling pre-owned houses, aka "flipping houses." Having moved to Washington State in 2007, Darrell joined the WHC team in 2010.

Madhu Lodhia

Home Consultant
(951) 662-6763
Madhu hails from South Africa and Ontario, Canada. He received his diploma in Marketing Management from Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. He then launched a 30+ year career in the printing and graphic design business culminating as the owner of his own printing business in Southern California. His hands on experience as a small business owner and extensive background in marketing make him uniquely qualified to help local businesses navigate the marketing and economic challenges of today! Madhu's recent move to the Pacific Northwest was inspired by past visits to the area and he is looking forward to bicycling, golfing and getting involved in his new community. In what's left of his spare time, Madhu is an avid martial artist and a self-professed gym rat and coffee shop bum.

What They Say About Us

"We recommend Washington Home Center, particularly Kain Kirkendall and Darrell Baker, to any future customer that is considering purchasing and installing a quality energy Star factory home built on their land."

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